810, 2018

50 Interesting Panda Facts

50 Interesting Panda Facts There are very few people who aren’t fond of pandas. Such cute animals are prone to people’s affection. But many people don’t have a thorough knowledge about pandas. Even if they do, [...]

2812, 2019

Summary of Panda Attacking People

Since 2000, there have been 18 incidents of panda attacks of human beings, regarding the number of injured people, there have been 11 tourists and keepers altogether, and there have been 2 villagers and 4 [...]

2812, 2019

Are Pandas Bears?

Why is there a debate about whether pandas are bears or raccoons? In terms of body shape and physical characteristics, giant pandas look closer to Uridae, ancient panda fossils and chromosome tests have proven that [...]

2812, 2019

Panda JiaJia-The Longest-lived Captive Giant Panda

Jia Jia (1978-2016), female giant panda, pedigree 230, belonged to one of the first pair of giant pandas (the other was An'an, male) presented to Hong Kong by the mainland in 1999 to celebrate the second [...]

2812, 2019

Qinling Research Center Of Giant Panda Breeding

On June 13, 2018, Qinling research center of giant panda breeding was established in Xi'an. There’re two branches under it: 1. Louguantai Qinling Sibao Base (Zhouzhi, Shaanxi)2. Qinling Giant Panda Wildlife Training Base (Foping, Shaanxi) In addition [...]

2712, 2019

Pandas In Thailand

In 2003, the Chinese giant pandas "Chuang Chuang" and "Lin Hui" settled in the Chiang Mai Zoo for a renting period of 10 years. Thanks to the cooperation of experts from Thailand and China, the panda [...]

2712, 2019

Panda Eating Habit

If someone asks what pandas eat, you’d surely answer, “bamboo!” But, do you know what kind of bamboo do they eat? And how much nutrition is contained in bamboos? How do they eat bamboo in [...]

2712, 2019

Panda QiaoQiao

At 13:35 on December 12, the staff of the China Giant Panda Conservation and Research Center successfully recaptured the giant panda "Qiao Qiao" and its cubs in the wild of Tiantai Mountain.  After recapture, they [...]