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Summary of Panda Attacking People

Since 2000, there have been 18 incidents of panda attacks of human beings, regarding the number of injured people, there have been 11 tourists and keepers altogether, and there have been 2 villagers and 4 staff members. Regarding the pandas, there have been 16 captive pandas and 2 wild pandas, and they are the same [...]

Are Pandas Bears?

Why is there a debate about whether pandas are bears or raccoons? In terms of body shape and physical characteristics, giant pandas look closer to Uridae, ancient panda fossils and chromosome tests have proven that giant pandas are closer to Uridae, especially Indian and Malay bears. However, the red panda appeared later. From the skull, [...]

Panda JiaJia-The Longest-lived Captive Giant Panda

Jia Jia (1978-2016), female giant panda, pedigree 230, belonged to one of the first pair of giant pandas (the other was An'an, male) presented to Hong Kong by the mainland in 1999 to celebrate the second anniversary of Hong Kong's handover to the PRC.  Born in 1978 in Qingchuan, Sichuan, the most obvious feature of Jia [...]

Qinling Research Center Of Giant Panda Breeding

On June 13, 2018, Qinling research center of giant panda breeding was established in Xi'an. There’re two branches under it: 1. Louguantai Qinling Sibao Base (Zhouzhi, Shaanxi)2. Qinling Giant Panda Wildlife Training Base (Foping, Shaanxi) In addition to Sichuan, the Qinling Giant Panda Breeding Research Center of the Shaanxi Academy of Forestry Sciences is also open to [...]

Pandas In Thailand

In 2003, the Chinese giant pandas "Chuang Chuang" and "Lin Hui" settled in the Chiang Mai Zoo for a renting period of 10 years. Thanks to the cooperation of experts from Thailand and China, the panda couple gave birth to a female baby panda through artificial insemination in 2009.  As the first panda born in Thailand, [...]

Panda Eating Habit

If someone asks what pandas eat, you’d surely answer, “bamboo!” But, do you know what kind of bamboo do they eat? And how much nutrition is contained in bamboos? How do they eat bamboo in their mouth and how is it digested? 1. What do pandas like to eat? There are 63 types of bamboo [...]

Panda QiaoQiao

At 13:35 on December 12, the staff of the China Giant Panda Conservation and Research Center successfully recaptured the giant panda "Qiao Qiao" and its cubs in the wild of Tiantai Mountain.  After recapture, they would be carefully inspected by the staff of the Protection Center. The information and data obtained from the inspection could [...]

Will Pandas Extinct From Earth ?

Scientists have claimed that due to the impact of geological disasters and climate change, an average of 75 species become extinct every day in the world, and 3 species become extinct every hour. Will wild pandas eventually disappear from the Earth? Giant panda scientists also care about this issue. Some experts believe that with global [...]

Panda HaoHao

Giant panda "Hao Hao" - female, born on 7 July, 2009. Her father was "Ling Ling" and her mother was"Hua Mei". They were the first pandas born in China and returned to China. "Hua Mei" was also a famous "hero mother". After returning to China, she gave birth to 7 fetuses, 10 cubs. "Hao Hao" [...]

Panda Poop And Panda Poop Tea

When pandas eat, they always chop off the bamboo first, bite a piece into several bars, and chew them together when their mouths are full. Similar to human beings eating sugar cane, they only suck at the content of bamboo wall cells. The difference is that the giant panda does not spit out scum, but [...]

Panda BeiBei Returned To China

It was reported on January 19 that on that day, the male giant panda "Bei Bei", born and raised at the National Zoo in Washington DC, ended his four-year career in the United States and returned home by taking a special plane. "Bei Bei" enjoyed his last "American Breakfast" - bamboo leaf biscuits on the [...]

Why Do Pandas Live A Solitary Life

Giant pandas are a well-known animal, and its unique black and white look has long been remembered by human beings. Its calm and relaxed appearance is adored by people all over the world. However, almost all wild pandas live in old forests in deep mountains, and usually we can only see pandas in captivity. In [...]

Pandas In Germany

In the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base, a 4-year-old female giant panda "Meng Meng" and a 7-year-old male giant panda "Jiao Qing" arrived safely in Berlin, Germany on June 24, 2017.  This means that after five years of absence, the Germans would once again see pandas in their home country. The two pandas were rented [...]

Panda And Guinness World Records

Today, a world record of China was born - a pair of twin panda cubs from the China Giant Panda Conservation Research Center successfully won the world's Guinness Record of "first pair of giant panda twin born in the wild out of parents protected in captivity".  The pair of "heterosexual twins" was born on July [...]

Pandas In Earthquake

The 2008 Wenchuan earthquake posed a very negative influence on the habitat of giant pandas in Wolong. The severe mountain collapse had cut the panda passage and habitats into many isolated islands, which directly affected the vertical migration of wild giant pandas. The Wolong Base of China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda [...]