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Are Pandas Bears?

Why is there a debate about whether pandas are bears or raccoons? In terms of body shape and physical characteristics, giant pandas look closer to Uridae, ancient panda fossils and chromosome tests have proven that giant pandas are closer to Uridae, especially Indian and Malay bears. However, the red panda appeared later. From the skull, [...]

Panda Eating Habit

If someone asks what pandas eat, you’d surely answer, “bamboo!” But, do you know what kind of bamboo do they eat? And how much nutrition is contained in bamboos? How do they eat bamboo in their mouth and how is it digested? 1. What do pandas like to eat? There are 63 types of bamboo [...]

Panda Poop And Panda Poop Tea

When pandas eat, they always chop off the bamboo first, bite a piece into several bars, and chew them together when their mouths are full. Similar to human beings eating sugar cane, they only suck at the content of bamboo wall cells. The difference is that the giant panda does not spit out scum, but [...]

Why Do Pandas Live A Solitary Life

Giant pandas are a well-known animal, and its unique black and white look has long been remembered by human beings. Its calm and relaxed appearance is adored by people all over the world. However, almost all wild pandas live in old forests in deep mountains, and usually we can only see pandas in captivity. In [...]

Why Are Pandas Always Sleeping When I Am Visiting

People who have seen pandas in a zoo often have the following question - why are the pandas always sleeping when there’re visitors? There are two reasons: The first is that the rest time of wild giant pandas is not the same as human beings:   0: 00-2: 00 rest, 2: 00-7: 00 breakfast, 7: [...]

Why WWF Logo Is Panda

On September 11, 1961, Mr. Huxley, a well-known British biologist established the World Wildlife Fund in a small town in Switzerland as its founder, which is the predecessor of WWF.  Along with the expansion of its scale, it later became impossible to accurately express the scope of the organization's activities, and it was changed to [...]

Panda Reproduction

Giant pandas are in estrus in Spring every year, and there are slight differences in different places. When the primroses in their habitats bloom, it marks the start of their estrus too. Adult male and female giant pandas gradually gather in a place and get to know each other mainly through each other’s scent and [...]

Panda Diet

The main food of giant pandas is bamboo. 99% of the food of giant pandas is bamboo. There are more than 60 species of 12 genera in bamboo plants available for pandas. In addition, wild pandas occasionally eat dead bodies of other animals or other plants. Although pandas like to eat bamboo, they are quite [...]

Panda Predator

There are almost no predators for adult pandas. Pandas try hard to avoid conflicts. They can climb trees, swim, and they don’t hibernate. Even if they want to fight, given the size and weight of an adult panda,  with their powerful jaws and claws, the animals attacking the pandas may not be able to win at [...]

Newborn Panda

Newborn pandas are very small, similar in size to a little panda’s cub, weighing only 90-131 grams (the heaviest weighs only 170 grams), averaging about 100 grams, making only 1/900 of the mother's body weight.  A black bear's newborn is 1/200-1/300 the size of its mother, which is more than 3 times larger than a [...]

How Fast Can A Panda Run?

A panda's speed of long-distance trek is usually 5-10 km/h. In case of danger, they can run in the mountain jungle at a speed of 50 km/h, which is almost as fast as a car! If they are on a flat road, their speed will even be higher, and they probably don’t need more than [...]

Panda’s Sixth Finger

At the Giant Panda Museum in the Wolong Giant Panda Protection Area in Sichuan, we may take a closer look at the palm of giant pandas - they actually have six fingers. In addition to the thumb in the normal position, it also has another thumb. A very small number of humans grow six fingers [...]

What Captive Pandas Eat ?

For pandas in captivity, it is necessary to ensure their adequate nutrition and their skills in obtaining and eating bamboo. Through years of research, Chinese experts have mastered some scientific methods in this regard. When the two-year-old Huanhuan was moved from a zoo to the research center a year ago, it weighed more than 90 [...]

Panda Fakes Pregnancy

In general, the diagnosis for a panda’s pregnancy are: 1. external observation method: this is the observation of the panda’s appetite which decreases when she’s pregnant, she starts to act cautiously, she starts to be afraid of being in a crowded environment, and she starts to sleep more. 2. ultrasonic diagnosis method: making use of [...]

When Pandas Eat Bamboo, Why Wouldn’t Their Mouth Get Pricked?

To answer this question, we must not give a simple answer such as “we human beings also eat fish, so there’s no problem.” This is because as human beings, we’re used to eating fish. When we have fish in our mouth, we can make use of our oral muscles and tongue to separate the fish [...]