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Companion species of the giant panda

Companion species of the giant panda include snub-nosed monkeys red pandas musk deer wildebeests wildebeests common pheasants common pheasants and golden pheasants. golden pheasant These precious creatures basically share the same habitats with the giant panda. In terms of natural history, they are ancient creatures that have lived for [...]

Where Do Pandas Live ?

Where Do Pandas Live? The giant panda has once spread across the watersheds of Yangzi River, Yellow River and Pearl River, ranging from Beijing suburbs to Guangdong area, even Southeast Asia. Now we can only see them in ranges of Qinling Mountains, Min Mountains, Qionglai Mountains, Liang Mountains, and Xiangling Mountains. According to [...]

Why Are Pandas Endangered

Becasue of themselves, pandas are too confindent with their weight Kidding ... The endangerment of pandas is divided into internal and external causes. The internal reason is the high specialization of feeding habits, reproductive capacity and breeding behavior. In the long and harsh competition for survival and natural selection, saber-toothed tigers and other animals of [...]

Panda Excretion

Newly-born panda cubs are premature infants, incapable of excreting voluntarily. Therefore, early parenting by mother pandas includes licking the anus and perineum to stimulate excretion. Cubs that are raised by human can normally excrete on their own about 130 days after birth. For this period of approximately 4 months, breeders stabilize the cubs with one [...]

Why do pandas only live in China

Ailuaractos lufengensis (ancient pandas) had existed in East Asia, more precisely South China nowadays, since 8 million years ago. They were certainly not exclusively found in East Asia though – Agriarcros goaci, one of their related species, had once spread through European humid forests in today’s Hungary and France. But the entirety of Europe was [...]

Are Panda No Longer Endangered ?

On Sep 4 U.S. time, 2016,International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) announced an improvement in giant panda’s conservation status from EN (Endangered) to VU (Vulnerable). In response to the announcement, China National Forestry Bureau claimed that giant pandas are still an endangered species, and that it is too early to announce an improvement of its [...]

Why Do Pandas Eat Bamboo

Giant panda’s ancestor was a carnivore. When it came to The Ice Age, extreme coldness forced Ailuaractos lufengensis (ancient pandas) and other carnivores into a narrow habitat. Available food shrank in scale, forcing the ancient pandas to turn herbivore.   Subsequent increasing survival pressure has further changed the giant panda into eating hard-to-digest and unwholesome [...]

Is it possible to recognize pandas

It is possible to recognize pandas For example, the most three famous pandas   Qiyi, it is well-known because of hugging leg.I think almost panda lovers watched this video. The label of Qiyi is hair on its head, it is like WIFI signal   Chengjiu also called Xiao huihui, grey and white [...]

Pandas that born in US and moved to China

According to the regulation, any panda baby born during the borrowing shall be returned to china before 4 years old. Below are pandas that born in USA and moved to China Hua Mei, was born 1999 in the San Diego Zoo and moved to China in 2004.   Mei Sheng, born 2003 at the San Diego Zoo, [...]

What Sound Does pandas Make

Giant pands are often a quiet solitary animal, but they also communicate with sounds. For example, cubs seek attention from their mothers with sounds like “mmm” and “ee”.   And when they are under pleasant conditions, for example having sex, they pronounce a shaking voice like a sheep’s “bah”.     [...]

Are Pandas Marsupials

No, panda are not marsupials. Marsupials have pouch to breed and protect their baby This is kangaroo This is Koala This is Opossum While this is panda, you can see it clearly that panda has no pouch while it has baby    

50 Interesting Panda Facts

50 Interesting Panda Facts There are very few people who aren’t fond of pandas. Such cute animals are prone to people’s affection. But many people don’t have a thorough knowledge about pandas. Even if they do, it remains quite limited. In this regard, I have collected and organized the following fifty panda facts from renown books [...]

How Much Do pandas Weigh ?

The heaviest newly-born baby panda weighed 247 gram, whereas the smallest weighed only 53.7 grams. The average weight is 140 grams. Among all placental mammals, the giant panda has the smallest baby-to-mother weight ratio. An adult panda (generally over 5 years old) weighs between 80 to 150 kilograms. panda weigh  

How Long Is A Panda Pregnant ?

A female panda is estrual only once a year, and also only mates once a year. Panda’s estrous cycle lasts between March to April every year. But their pregnancy period varies as individuals. The shortest pregnancy period observed so far is 83 days; the longest is 181 days. An artificially reared giant panda is fertile [...]

How Big Is A Panda ?

A standing panda is as tall as a general human being, between 160 to 180 centimeters.