2612, 2019

Pandas In Earthquake

The 2008 Wenchuan earthquake posed a very negative influence on the habitat of giant pandas in Wolong. The severe mountain collapse had cut the panda passage and habitats into many isolated islands, which directly affected [...]

2612, 2019

Pandas And Franch

In the early spring of 1869, a French missionary named Pierre Armand David came to China from Espelette in the Pyrénées, southwestern France. In Dengchigou, Baoxing County, Ya'an City of Sichuan Province, David first saw [...]

2512, 2019

Panda Ming

In 1937, Ming was born in Sichuan, the hometown of giant pandas. In the era when people still didn’t have the concept of animal protection, she was captured and resold several times, and eventually fell into [...]

2512, 2019

Panda CaoCao

On the 29th, the reporter learned from China’s Giant Panda Conservation Research Center that the wild-bred panda “Cao Cao” successfully gave birth to a pair of heterosexual twins at the Wolong Hetaoping Wilding Training Base. This [...]

2512, 2019

China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda

China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda is composed of three bases - Wolong, Dujiangyan and Bifengxia, Ya'an. It will become the country’s largest, a world-class scientific research and a base for nature [...]

2512, 2019

Captive Panda Wild Training Project

Wild training method Cubs raised by the mother pandas (the wild training method as known to the public) The chosen panda cubs The parents themselves are wild pandas or wild pandas, with precious wild blood. [...]

2412, 2019

Why Are Pandas Always Sleeping When I Am Visiting

People who have seen pandas in a zoo often have the following question - why are the pandas always sleeping when there’re visitors? There are two reasons: The first is that the rest time of [...]