3004, 2019

Panda Museum

The construction of China's first museum for pandas was completed in the Sichuan Wolong Nature Reserve, the hometown of pandas, and will officially open to the public next month. There are a lot of precious [...]

2904, 2019

Wild panda mother and cub activities

The reporters who followed the interview with the Qinling Panda's field-specific surveillance showed an exciting news today. The monitoring team was lucky enough to observe the activities of a pair of panda mother and her [...]

2704, 2019

Panda’s Pseudo-Pregnancy

In general, the diagnosis for a panda’s pregnancy are: 1. external observation method: this is the observation of the panda’s appetite which decreases when she’s pregnant, she starts to act cautiously, she starts to be [...]

2604, 2019

When Pandas Eat Bamboo, Why Wouldn’t Their Mouth Get Pricked?

To answer this question, we must not give a simple answer such as “we human beings also eat fish, so there’s no problem.” This is because as human beings, we’re used to eating fish. When [...]

2504, 2019

How Pandas Eat Bamboo

Pandas mainly feed on broad-leaved mixed forests under the alpine, subalpine and middle-low mountain, mixed with coniferous, and bamboo plants growing under the forest with a canopy density of 50-70% of the small diameter. According [...]

2304, 2019

Why Are Pandas White And Black

The color of the panda is black and white, and it’s because pandas first appeared in the Quaternary Ice Age. Their body color was changed to adapt to the severely cold weather. In many cases, [...]

2204, 2019

The Growth Cycle Of Pandas

Newborn: A newborn panda cub is only one-thousandth of the weight of its mother. The average weight is only about 120 grams, the lightest is 51 grams, and the heaviest is 225 grams.  The cub [...]