Everyone knows that pandas are our national treasure, and China is the only country in the world where pandas exist. Pandas are popular all over the world because of their cute appearance and thick bodies.

Therefore, other countries rent pandas from our country. Since the number is so scarce, not every country can afford to rent one. What could those countries do, if they want to have pandas but they can’t afford them?

Someone came up with an idea. If one cannot afford a giant panda, then they can look for other animals and turn them into black and white too. Then, they might fulfill the wish of their fans of pandas as well.  

Such as this crocodile which is dyed in black and white. Its two dark circles are very conspicuous on the head.

And this Chow Chow which looks like a baby panda at first glance.

Panda dog

Also this “panda” with a long nose.