China Wildlife Conservation Association signed a 10-years contract with Austria Vienna Zoo about panda breeding research in 2002.

Two pandas “yangyang” and “longhui” from Wolong panda center sent to Vienna Zoo in 2003

panda yangyang

August 23, 2007, “yangyang” gave birth a panda in Vienna Zoo, named “fulong”. This is the first baby for “yangyang”, It is also the first panda cub born in Europe

“Yangyang” have gave birth 5 panda baby so far, including a twin cubs. They are named “fulong”,”fuhu”,”fubao”,”fufeng”,”fuban”.

Unfortunately, panda “longhui” died in 2016

Panda Keychain

On April 11, China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Panda announced Panda “Yuanyuan” will be sent from Wolong Base to Vienna Zoo to continue the science research cooperation project after Inspection.

Panda “Yuanyuan” will live in Vienna Zoo for 4 years, it will return with “Yangyang”.