Introduction has officially launched the first “Worldwide Giant Panda Keeper Volunteer Program.” This campaign is supported by Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding and co-organized by pandapia.

It is to help audiences both at home and abroad gain a better understanding of the scientific popularization of and education on giant pandas, further raise the public awareness of natural and ecological conservation and especially the protection of giant pandas, and help more people learn about Chengdu, the hometown of giant pandas.

Through open recruitment, 30 finalists to the program will be invited to Chengdu to learn basic knowledge about giant pandas and how to breed pandas in a scientific way, experience keepers’ routine work, including learning about the population and family of giant pandas and preparing foods for them, as well as Sichuan cuisine, panda-related handicrafts and local culture.


Three applicants will be eventually selected to experience the work of a giant panda keeper for 3-6 days. The whole course of the activity will be covered by “My Adventure with Panda,” a reality show co-produced by and CDTV5.


30 applicants will be selected to take part in a closed training in China’s Chengdu.


1. Panda lovers from all around the world between the ages of 16 and 21 (date of birth on valid ID card or passport between January 1, 1996, and December 31, 2002) ;

Applicants under the age of 18 must sign up under the guidance of legal guardian(s), and the application form must be signed by BOTH the applicants and legal guardian(s).

2. Applicants sign up for the campaigns voluntarily. Must be physically and mentally able to complete the study and labor tasks required for training;

3. No contagious illness for the safety of the pandas. No records of drug addiction or other crimes;

4. Fluent in English or Mandarin.

Stages of the campaign:

Stage 1: Sign up: October 1, 2017 – November 12, 2017

Applicant shots/makes a video titled “My Impression on Animal Keeper” independently. The video shall be horizontally shot. It should be in English OR Mandarin and lasts less than five minutes.

1. First upload your video to iPanda’s Facebook event page for the campaign:

2. Then upload the video to your YouTube channel or Google Drive

3. Download the application form from here

4. Print the form, fill it, sign it and then scan or take a photo of the signed form, send it in an email with the link to your video on YouTube or Google Drive to [email protected]

(The title of the e-mail should be “Worldwide Giant Panda Keeper Volunteer Program” + your full name on ID).

*For applicants under the age of 18, the form MUST be signed by BOTH the guardian and the applicant himself/herself.*

Stage 2: Shortlisting: November 15, 2017- November 27, 2017

After the application deadline, 100 applicants will be chosen to enter the second round. The 100 shortlisted videos will be published on the official campaign website and the organizer will carry out open voting;

Top five applicants with the most votes will enter the next stage directly. 45 applicants will be decided to proceed to stage 3, depending on the opinions of the experts, organizers’ reviews and the online voting results.

Stage 3: Interview: November 28, 2017 – December 11, 2017

The organizer will have online interview with the 50 applicants and decide which 30 become the finalists who will visit Chengdu in February 2018.

Stage 4: Announcement: Around December 15, 2017

The finalists will be announced around December 15, 2017.



1. The 30 finalists will take part in a 16-day closed training in Chengdu starting from February 8, 2018, (until further notice). Anyone under the age of 18 must show approval and signature from his/her legal guardian.

2. The three winners will be employed as the “official giant panda keeper volunteers,” granted with relevant certificates and work as keepers for a period of 3-6 days.

3. It is a non-profit campaign and the organizer will not charge any fee from any applicants. The expenses of the 30 finalists incurred for travel, accommodation and meal will be covered by the organizer, including round-trip direct flight tickets between finalists’ nearest city and Chengdu, and travel insurance.

Visa fee, personal expenses that are irrelevant to the training, and expenses for travel between applications’ current location and the designated direct-flight airports are not included in the trip.

4. To ensure fairness and justice, each stage of the campaign will be announced on the activity’s only official website , social platforms of iPanda, Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding and pandapia.

5. The recruitment and training for this campaign will be broadcast at “My Adventure with Panda,” a reality show co-produced by and CDTV5.

6. Please make sure the contents of the video are friendly and original.

The video shall not violate Chinese laws and regulations; shall avoid talking about topics such as politics, races, and religious beliefs; shall not involve pornography or violence; and respect others’ privacy.

Any non-compliant video will be disqualified from the campaign.

7. Please only apply once.

For anyone who applies repeatedly, only the first video submitted will be acknowledged.

For any video collected during the campaign, its author has the copyright and signing rights.

At the meantime, uploading the videos to the Facebook event page for this campaign or submitting through “Apply Now ” page means the authors of the videos and their guardians agree to grant the organizer the right of permanent free use for the purposes of TV program, exhibition, publicity and publication.

8. Uploading the videos to the Facebook event page for this campaign or submitting through “Apply Now ” page means the authors of the videos and their guardians agree to grant the organizer the right of portrait(applicable to 30 finalists) during the campaign for relevant media, including TV, newspapers, magazines and websites.

The organizer is entitled to save, use and publish the videos without any further permission from neither the finalists nor their guardians, and does not need to make any payment.

9. The organizer reserves the right of final interpretation of the campaigns.

source: Ipanda