China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Panda announce that panda “Dingding” and “Ruyi” will end quarantine on 26th April.

panda quarantine

They will depart from Bifengxia Base at noon on 29th April to Moscow Zoo Russia by air, starting conservation and research cooperation between China and Russia.

panda dingding

In order to promote international conservation cooperation of panda, moves forwards development of endangered species and protection of biological diversity.

China Wildlife Conservation Association and Moscow zoo signed contract of cooperation of protection of panda on 28th, Feb, 2019.

panda ruyi

The contract will last 15 years, Moscow zoo sent full-time keepers and veterinarian to china to learn how to breed and how to care pandas in advanced.

Panda “Ruyi”: male, born on 31th, July, 2016, in Bifengxia Base in Yaan.

Panda “Dingding”: female,born on 30th July,2017, in Shenshuping Base in Wolong.

panda meiqian