The reporters who followed the interview with the Qinling Panda‘s field-specific surveillance showed an exciting news today.

The monitoring team was lucky enough to observe the activities of a pair of panda mother and her cub.

The team members who performed the monitoring tasks in the Zhouzhi Old County Protection Area found a panda cub on a large tree near the Guangtou Mountain, which was leaning against the branches of the tree and looking around.

Wild panda mother and cub

In the bamboo forest not far from the tree, the team members also found the mark of the panda.

The adult panda often pulled the bamboo pole into the shape of a curved bow and left its smell as a mark to remind other pandas. This is a way to say that, “this is my territory and you can’t step in.”

Experts analyzed that this panda cub has not been separated from its mother. This mark was likely to be intentionally left by the panda mother, and it was likely that she was looking for food nearby.

Wild panda mother and cub

According to experts, pandas rarely attack other animals or human beings, but when the panda mothers are carrying their babies around, they might attack animals or human beings that try to get near to their babies.

Since the chances of observing the panda mother and cub in the wild are very rare, in order not to disturb the baby and the mother, the reporter and the monitoring team took four different routes, they ambushed on the edge of the bamboo forest path that the panda mother might pass, and they were quietly waiting for her to return.

Panda Wall Sticker

After more than an hour, the panda mother finally came back. It patrolled around the tree for a while and after seeing no abnormalities, her baby was thrilled to see its mother back and could not wait to climb down from a tree and look for her.

They were rolling in the bamboo forest and playing together, acting very intimate.

Wild panda mother and cub

After about 20 minutes of observation, a monitoring team member accidentally broke a dry branch, and such a noise instantly stunned the panda mother, who quickly disappeared into the bamboo forest with her baby.
According to Mr. Li Dongqun, a panda field monitoring expert, “the little panda that we saw today is on the tree.

Judging from its size, it is less than two years old, maybe around one year old. Sometimes the female panda eats outside and runs farther, and it would drive the cub on the tree, which is a safe way to avoid enemies.

Wild panda mother and cub

The cub can learn a lot of survival skills with its mother, such as looking for food, climbing trees, wrestling and avoiding enemies.

After it becomes two years old, its survival skills almost enable the little panda to live independently.

At the time of life, the mother panda will take the initiative to drive it out and let it start living independently.”